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Liebherr is a German-Swiss multinational equipment manufacturer based in Bulle, Switzerland with its main production facilities and origins in Germany.

An angry customer mentioned, "I purchased a Liebherr Refrigerator in July 2019. Worked for a year and in August 2020 the cooling issue started. After demonstrating a complaint on 2nd Sept 2020 even after continuous follow up till date the service engineer has not dropped to attend the breakdown. Would not give even a single star for the product. They are not worth for that too."


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Storeperson (Current Employee) says

"The manger is horrible Micro manager Plays favourites In for himself Will screw you over Harasser All about himself Cuts your shifts is he dosent get his way Management are weird You are a numberHours are thereWill cut hours if you’re not his pet"

Unbekannt (Former Employee) says

"Arbeitsklima bei der LET Ettlingen leider mieserabel, LVT etwas besser. Nichts desto trotz kein "Familienbetrieb"!!!"

Logistica,comercio exterior , compras nacionales y contabilidad (Former Employee) says

"Pésima empresa , mal trato, humillaciones para mis compañeros y a mi. Te miran en menos . BullyingNadaTodo"

Worker (Former Employee) says

"The environment was an insanely stressful working environment. Pay was extremely low for the level of work and skill that was expected. The company outright lied to employees about which shift they would be on. Anybody who wasn't management was treated like garbage. They did not properly follow FAA procedures."

. (Former Employee) says

"Un mauvais management, un salaire bas, pas d'avantage particuliers..."

Warehouse Logistics Material Technician (Former Employee) says

"one of the worst places I have worked at during my young career. Glad I was able to find a better job."

Achat stratégique pièces mécano-soudées (Former Employee) says

"les stagiaires sont sous estimés les stages sont très peu payés de grosses tensions dans les équipes"

Senior Electrical Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Great place to work if you were fortunate enough to land a position in R&D Engineering. Not so much working in Production Engineering. Managers were incompetent and had personalities of a rock. Worst experience of my entire career."

Caldereiro (Former Employee) says

"terça-feira: havia reuniões que os funcionário colocavam suas opiniões e ideias sobre desenvolvimento e desempenho de melhorias para ambos. simfornece vale refeição"


"Liebherr used to be a great company to work for. Recent changes in management have made the work culture poor. The coworkers are awesome, but they are sometimes led to undesirable outcomes by the poor management culture."

Employée de commerce (Former Employee) says

"Incohérence entre le discours et les actions de la Direction. Incohérence entre les effectifs alloués à certains services vis-à-vis de leur charge de travail... D'un côté trop de monde pour rien faire et de l'autre pas assez pour assumer trop de job. Incohérence de l'efficacité du recrutement avec les réels besoins des départements. Hypocrisie nette entre les promesses des chefs et leur application. Management moyenâgeux, basé sur la peur et le stress. Seul point positif: y faire son apprentissage. Prenez ensuite vos jambes à votre cou."

Stagiaire Marketing (Former Employee) says

"harcèlement moral le chef du service n'a pas son personnel sous contrôleRemboursement de fraispas de flexibilité, teneur faible, pas d'avantages CE pour les stagiaires"

Warehouse Logistics Material Technician (Former Employee) says

"The workplace was easy to adjust to, I enjoyed working the forklifts. There was always plenty of room for advancement, the management wasn't the kindest I have come across but, the workers were friendly and hard working and easy to get along with."

Storeperson (Former Employee) says

"A lot of back stabbing guys need to stick together and get a union management really need a clean out and start again office staff especially human resources can't do there job Properly to much on management side of the fence and the accounted needs to be fired The worst bloke going around thinks he's in world war 1 don't ever think of working there All the top bloke have been s h t on by them they don't promote or look are there staff Or leading hand poorest company everNoneNone"

Mechanical Fitter (Former Employee) says

"No training or help given. Incorrect technical drawings that some of the long term staff know about but don't share the information. Parts and fittings not logically stored, just random. Hire staff on rolling contracts, finish them without giving a proper chance to learn their job, employ new people and finish them for same reason. Not a good place to work.Good salarySpineless management, incorrect information, penalised for helping others, no job security"


"Aucune considération par rapport aux difficultés rencontrées. Formation par des collègues amis avec la personne qui a été licencié et que j'ai remplacé. Je n'avais aucune chance... Dommage!"

Still employed (Current Employee) says

"Claim to be Drug and Alcohol free but are not. Year FT employee blew over2 times. Kept his job. All comes down to a certain 2 people. Less than average and HR and HSC approved this."

MACHINE OPERATOR (Former Employee) says

"Avoid at all cost. Bullying and harassment is the norm there. Too many consultants working there with their own agenda which is affecting productivity. Management are playing mind games with the workers which in turn is causing low moral and in some cases causing mental stress.You get to go homeSh#t Hole"

main landing technician Level 1 (Former Employee) says

"repair airplane parts. always something had to be done right away. hostile work environment. always messing with employees especially the good ones that did things right. if you screwed up you moved up.good payhostile work environment"

Qualité (Former Employee) says

"Le management de Liebherr Machine Bulle est resté figé dans le temps. Trop de niveaux hiérarchiques éloignent la direction du terrain ce qui ne permet pas de réagir rapidement aux aléas de la production industrielle. C'est une société qui gère les problèmes mais ne les resouds pas."

MR RN says

"Fridge/Freezer started to make a loud whine. Contacted Liebherr who recommended three engineers. Picked the best of a bad bunch. Engineer diagnosed the problem and said parts would not be available until after Xmas. I sourced them directly from Liebherr. Still waiting four weeks later for engineer to come back and fix the problem. Likely I will have to scrap the fridge and buy something better. Very poor product, poor customer service and very bad support from partners."

Alison Davies says

"Purchased a liebherr fridge freezer on recommendation from salesman who said it was made by Miele. 14 months on fridge has packed in & after phoning liebherr been told that the engineers for my area won’t be able to do anything for 4 1/2 days. Asked if I could find my own engineer & was told no. Think that the freezer is starting to go now too. They won’t cover food lost even though it’s a fault of their product which in my opinion is still new. Will definitely NOT buy 1 of these again & will not recommend liebherr to anyone"

anonymous says

"I purchased a Liebherr fridge/freezer back in August. Upon receiving the unit, it appeared that the outer skin of the fridge door had lots of little dents in it, maybe around 50. Upon powering up the unit the compressor ran at 2 speeds, on the lower speed it isn't too loud and would eventually become background noise, but when it went up to the higher speed it made a clicking whirring sound, the specification says its noise output is 41db, this is nonsense, some nights in bed you could hear it. When the compressor returned to idle mode it made a massive thud and clank. I reported all these issues to Liebherr within 24hrs and eventually about 2 months later they sent out an engineer as they would not replace the unit. The engineer worked for a third party company who was very professional, he swapped the compressor over and the new door they sent to replace the damaged one was damaged too with a 50cm scratch. Within a matter of hours the new compressor was making the same noises, not quite as loud however when the compressor goes to idle mode now it makes the same thud and clank but also rattles the radiator grill at the back of the fridge. Yesterday the engineer came back with a new door, which again had lots of little dents on it but not near as many as the last one, he stated that the outer skin of the door when its being formed takes on the shape of the material behind it. It is anyone's guess at this stage if this is true. This company has offered no reasonable or satisfactory resolution to this, the problems were present from day 1, an all round terrible experience and awful customer care. Avoid this brand at all costs, don't be fooled by the name and more expensive price tag, they are not good products and are made very cheaply. I wish I had of stayed with Hotpoint, genuinely 3 times the fridge/freezer of the Liebherr."

Andrea McLaughlin says

"If I could give this a zero, I would. We spent over $7,500 on a refigerator because we didnt want to deal with repairs after just a couple of years. It's been just over 3.5 years of gentle use, and our freezer has stopped working. It's been over three months and still waiting for a part, and of course, a part NOT covered, warranty runs out after 2 years. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY. And Liebherr has NO CUSTOMER service. They push you off to the store you bought if from, and the appliance store pushes you right back to Liebherr. Nobody wants to deal or fix a Liebherr."

Dr Andrew K Jenkins says

"I have had my Liebherr Fridge Freezer for just over a year and a half. The digital thermostat was not working and had to be replaced. The temperature of the fridge has been up and down. 3 degrees one day, 18 degrees the next. Called Liebherr to report the fault. They work with service companies in the UK, rather than having their own engineers. I went without having a working fridge all weekend and I was informed that it couldn’t be fixed until Friday. I phoned Liebherr back and was offered a repair from a different company on the Wednesday. This company came today. I was informed that the freezer door is faulty and it would take 3 weeks before it arrives from Germany. I phoned Liebherr again and I was told it’s a design fault requiring a new freezer door and a kit. I’m disappointed with Liebherr. I thought I was buying a premium product. It cost twice as much as cheaper brands. Save your money. Buy a much cheaper fridge. It’ll be as good and probably a lot more reliable!"

customer says

"This fridge freezer has been nothing but trouble since I bought it. No handles making opening it a feat in itself! Apparently it's my fault that the freezer door doesn't snap shut and this results in the fridge loosing its cool (and me!). I have thrown away enough food to fuel a small town including the post-Christmas goodies. I am now under instructions to turn off the freezer for two days (it's currently full of pandemic supplies). Avoid this brand and the bland servicemen who see the customer at fault for the poor design."

LondonGT3 says

"I have owned a large Liebherr Wine Cooler for 9 years. It broke after 5 years and was repaired with Liebherr providing the parts and me paying for the labour plus a callout. It has now broken again and it is going to the tip. Not what I had expected for over £800 initial cost."

Rebecca Humes says

"A truly dreadful experience. I have had approx 8 engineers in little over 2 years of owning one of their fridge freezers, its still NOT WORKING!! Nobody has taken charge of my case, keep getting passed to different people on the phone. Will never buy a leibherr product again."

Ambi Nathan says

"worse brand on the market if you want to waste money and food this the best best brand very unreliable, I brought one few years keep breaking down they keep repairing regularly I throwing food away. Then they send new fridge freezer guess what same story keep breaking down with in a year. Im not wasting my money and time any more getting rid of thid fridge and buying another one. All they giving me 50 £ ,food voucher. Keep away from this brand"

NM (London Dweller) says

"Ordered Fridge Freezer. Day before order they said they would not deliver downstairs. Advertised as doors reversible. Told this could be done at home. Instructions to do this incomprehensible as do not seem to fit model number and require non-standard UK screwdriver head. Their customer service were very unhelpful and blamed John Lewis."

Salma Curmally says

"The fridge lasted less than 2 yrs. Customer care sat on my complaint for 1 week now, and has not sent a service technician. I call every single day, they keep promising call back in 1 hr. Needless to say, never have they called back. This will have to be sold for scrap and i will have to purchase a more trusted brand. This is pure Bakwaas. The only thing they have ever said was, you will have to pay. They are only interested in taking money, no interest in giving service"

James says

"I had a problem with the ice maker in my Liebherr fridge which I purchased 6 years ago. It was an expensive built in fridge and the ice maker no longer worked. It has frozen. I was told by the service guy that this was corrected in newer fridges by installing a heat kit that stopped it from freezing. The total cost for me to install this kit now was over $800. Right or wrong I saw this as a design flaw and attempted several times to talk to someone at The Canadian HO in Burlington. Initially I was told that all fridge related enquires are handled out of the Miami office. I called there but they said they didn’t handle it. I was told to call customer service in the US. They told me that they don’t hire Canadian issues and to call the HO in Burlington. I called back to the Canadian HO and again the woman who answered Tried to direct me to the US. Told her that was the wrong place and she didn’t know who I could talk to in Canada. I told her that I needed to speak to someone in Canada. After waiting for over 19 min on the phone she came back and said the person I should talk with Is Mike and he would call me back. That was two months ago and still have heard nothing from him. Unbelievable that a company which sells high end products treats their customers so poorly. Who ever is leading Liebherr Canada should take dome training in customer service. Needless to say I will not purchase any Liebherr products in the future."

Sherran Ireland says

"Do not under any circumstances purchase a Liebherr Fridge or Fridge/Freezer. Mine is 7 years old and I have had nothing but problems. Firstly, a door bolt broke, which resulted in the door falling off. Then the thermostat failed. Finally, the door seal has split. This Fridge has cost me more to repair than the original purchase price. AVOID at all costs."

Suresh Sivaramakrishnan says

"I had ordered a Liebherr refrigerator TCR 3520/2018 in June 2020 from Vijay Sales chembur. Within the same day of installation the equipment it stopped cooling. The technician came the next day and he admitted to it not cooling, Inspite of contacting the service center and the area sales manager, there was no resolution. They changed the status of the service inquiry as resolved. My continuous calls to the Area Sales Manager Arjun remained unanswered. Due to the current COVID pandemic I am unable to visit the service center and dont know what to do. Now the refrigerator has started leaking water and no service technician has visited since the last 2 days. Horrible experience. Would advise everyone not to go for this product. Poor Quality and very very poor service."

shekhar shinde says

"I bought this fridge in November last year for my Parents who are living in India and it broke down in 7 months . It took ages to get some one to look at it and to it took another few weeks to get the part ordered . Now company won’t have people who can come and fix the part and every time we call they are giving us different dates but no one is showing up on any dates given so far . When other family member called and ask if we can order a new fridge and when can we get delivered the response was straight away we can deliver you next working day . So company have people to deliver the New fridge but not to attend the service for broken fridge . When we ask why is it like that the company spoke person don’t have answer for it . My parents are senior citizens And living by them selves and now have to struggle with this situation on daily basis and don’t have any fridge to store food from last few weeks have to buy daily essentials everyday specially in Covid pandemic When they shouldn’t be going out much. There is lack of customer care and no one is being helpful even though fridge comes with 10 years warranty . I highly recommend not to purchase this product as you will have lot of trouble to get it fixed if anything goes wrong ."

Jim Patterson says

"Had the freezer for 4 years with everything working fine but then temp alarm constantly sounded and would not maintain the correct operating temp,when we called the engineer he told us the compressor had gone and needed replacing plus additional parts may be needed that could cost more than the original price of £400 we paid for the freezer. As the warranty had expired and the compressor in my opinion should have lasted longer than 4 years i decided to look into my rights and found that consumers still have rights when a freezer fails out of warranty. First point of call for me was the shop that i purchased it from and after several phone calls back and forth they agreed to supply parts if we paid for labour which we agreed to,engineer came back to fit the new compressor at a cost of £120 for labour taking several hours to fit. For the next 5 weeks it worked fine and then failed again with the same problem.I contacted the shop and the engineer who have more than helpfull to inform them that the same thing had happened again and we would not be spending any more money on it and the Only place its going to now is the TIP !! We went to Currys and bought a cheap replacement freezer for £160 and if that only lasts a year i've had my moneys worth😀"

Verity Smart says

"EDIT: Since my review Liebherr have been in contact with me and replaced my faulty fridge freezer with a brand new upgrade. Given that after sales is as equally important to the customer as the original sale I am editing my feedback to give a fair overview of my personal experience. I still feel like I was put through far too much on a patently faulty item, but the fact remains they came through in the end and speedily resolved this in my favour. I am very happy with the replacement and the service provided. I will leave my original review for context. — From day one the freezer didn't really freeze (ice cream turned to mush) and ice began to buildup in the corner of the fridge. After much wrangling, Liebherr eventually sent out an engineer at their cost and it was during the lockdown. They were advised I was shielding and to ensure the engineer took necessary health & safety precautions. He took none, no PPE of any kind and he was openly dismissive of the threat of COVID-19. He was also rude but did seem to fix the problem on the day. That was shortlived, however, the fridge is now collecting ice in the corner again and Liebherr has stopped responding to my emails. Given the price of their goods you'd expect better life out of them and certainly better care of their customers. Awful company, categorically don't recommend. I am now looking to replace an inherently faulty fridge freezer that was sold to me seemingly in breach of trading laws - not as described, not fit for purpose." is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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